Wondering What Happens in Concealed Carry License Classes? 3 Essential Things You'll Learn

20 April 2020
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The opportunity to carry a concealed weapon comes with many potential benefits that include feeling in control of your safety. While you do have the right to carry a firearm, you must also recognize the importance of following the law if you want to make it be concealed. Concealed carry classes are about far more than merely earning your license. Even people who are experienced with handling firearms benefit from learning about these three essential aspects of being a responsible carrier of a firearm.

1. Brush Up on Safety and Firearm Laws

There are many rules and laws to follow in regards to firearm safety. For instance, there are certain places where carrying a concealed weapon may be illegal. Schools, churches, and other public facilities often prohibit people from having a concealed weapon on site. Your instructor has the most up-to-date information on how to comply with local and federal laws. They'll also be able to show you ways to increase safety through having a proper place to lock up and store your firearm when it is not in your possession.

2. Cover the Basics of Loading and Handling Your Firearm

Many people enter their concealed carry license classes without having much prior experience with firearms. These classes are usually designed to have only a set number of participants so that the instructor can make sure that everyone has assistance with learning how to properly load and handle their firearm. You will go over the proper way to hold your firearm when you are aiming as well as when you are at rest. Your instructor may ask you to demonstrate a proper grasp on the firearm to make certain that you have proper form.

3. Discuss How to Handle Potentially Dangerous Situations

In an ideal scenario, you will never need to draw your firearm. One of the most important things that you learn during your class is how to identify potentially dangerous situations and diffuse them. This might take the form of seeking out a police officer or security guard instead of immediately taking matters into your own hands.

In concealed carry classes, you'll cover various real-life situations that could happen so that you can go over what the best course of action would be to avoid having to use your firearm. You'll also learn about what to expect if you do need to use it. Being prepared allows you to make the best decisions during a situation where you may only have seconds to act.

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