Add A Hummingbird Haven To Your Property

14 May 2020
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If you live in a region that provides a suitable habitat for hummingbirds and you have been contemplating a way to lure these fascinating creatures into your yard, a mix of flowering plants and ant-proof feeders will assist with your goal. Hummingbirds seek nectar and sugary substances to provide them with the sustenance necessary to survive. 

Familiarize Yourself With The Basics

Hummingbirds have long, narrow beaks that can reach far into flowering blooms that are tubular. Nectar is collected, which will aid in the pollination process. Additionally, these birds prefer a sweet substance that they can easily access.

An ant-proof hummingbird feeder is an item that will minimize disruption to each bird's feeding pattern and will ensure that sugar water or a special diet that is formulated for hummingbirds will not be tainted or consumed by any insects.

There are many feeder styles that can be purchased online, including a basic feeding dish that is constructed of plastic and secured to a hanging apparatus and a more elaborate feeding system that possesses a perch, several separate feeding troughs, an overhang that is designed to protect hummingbirds from the elements, and a moat. The moat that is included in some designs will deter ants from crawling down the top and sides of a feeder.

Since a feeder will be suspended from a tree branch, a pole, or another immobile item that is on your property, the only viable way that ants can access a feeder is by crawling down onto it from an elevated surface.

The moat that is secured to a feeder needs to be filled with water. When some ants decide to descend upon a feeder, they will fall into the water. This deterrent will guarantee that hummingbirds will be able to enjoy the food that you provide without encountering any pests.

Plant, Hang, And Observe

After purchasing some new plant varieties and a feeder, pick an outdoor area that you would like to display the items in. Keep in mind that the birds will be hard to observe from a distance. This may prompt you to choose an area right outside of your kitchen window or along the front porch that leads to your home.

After transferring the plants to your property, hang the feeding systems that you purchased online. Add ample sugar water or a specially formulated dietary mixture to the feeding trough. Use a pair of binoculars to aid in observing the hummingbirds that you have attracted to your yard.

To learn more, contact a supplier that sells ant-proof hummingbird feeders online.