Reasons That You May Want An Infinity Pool

19 April 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

When you picture an infinity pool, it's highly probable that you imagine a setting such as a luxury hotel, resort, or other high-end property. While this type of swimming pool is common in such locations, it's also an option for residential yards. Adding a pool to your backyard can offer a space for fitness and fun for your family as well as your neighbors and friends. If you're planning to add a pool to your property and are assessing the available options, an infinity design is something to think about. Here are some reasons that you might want an infinity pool.

It Won't Block The View

A big reason that people choose infinity pools for their yards is that they have a picturesque view in the distance that they don't want a swimming pool wall to hide. For example, if your yard slopes down from your home toward a lake, you might enjoy watching the sun rise or set over the lake. An infinity pool is ideal in this setting because it doesn't have a wall that extends upward and blocks the view — which is something that can happen with an above-ground pool. Instead, an infinity pool will provide you with an unimpeded view while you swim.

It Adds A Luxury Feel

Given that a lot of people associate infinity pools with luxury properties, adding this type of swimming pool to your yard can immediately make your outdoor space feel more luxurious. You might like this benefit during quiet time with your family, but it can especially be enticing if you frequently host gatherings in your backyard. An infinity pool offers a substantial "wow" factor, and it can be exciting to watch the impressed facial expressions of your friends when they see your new pool for the first time.

It Matches Your Exterior

Unlike a traditional in-ground pool, parts of an infinity pool are visible outside of the pool. Namely, the wall that sits behind the infinity edge will be visible. This gives you the opportunity to choose a pool design that will closely match the exterior of your home. For example, your pool company can build this wall with a stucco finish if your home has stucco on its exterior walls. Or, if your home has a lot of windows on the backside, you might opt for this wall to be made of glass to create a visual match.