3 Ways To Decorate Your Home For Christmas With Used Cardboard Boxes

30 October 2014
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Used moving boxes, like ones from Associated Paper & Supply, still have plenty of usefulness in them. Besides donating the usable boxes to someone else who is moving, you can reuse the cardboard and make some crafty Christmas decorations for your home. Here are instructions to make three festive adornments from your old boring cardboard boxes. Glitter Stars Stars have an important symbolism during the Christmas holiday. Biblical records report a bright star visible in the sky, which showed the way for wise men to find the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. Read More 

Get The Facts: How Can You Make Your Old Gas Boiler Perform Better?

21 October 2014
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If your old gas boiler isn't performing the way it should, it can leave you out in the cold this winter – especially if it doesn't produce enough hot water for your family. Your home's chimney can also affect how well your boiler works to heat your water supplies. Until heating and cooling specialists take a look at your boiler, you can do some simple things at home to keep it working. Read More 

Helping Your Electronics Survive A Move

6 October 2014
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Modern electronics are a wonderful thing, but they aren't really designed to be banged around inside a moving truck. Taking the time to pack these items properly will help ensure that they survive the trip with a minimum of damage. Save the Original Packaging Not many electronics are assembled in the US. That means that the original packaging for your item was designed to keep it safe while it was shipped across the world. Read More 

Options For Shredding Physical And Digital Documentation

15 September 2014
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Whether you own a large- or small-scale business, you will periodically need to dispose of documentation. How you destroy this information will depend on both the type and scale of documents in your possession. Eliminating files can be done for both physical and digital documents. It can also be performed individually or in bulk. Take a look below. Options for Shredding Physical Documentation Shredding physical documentation is fairly straightforward and thorough. Read More 

A Year In The Life Of A Neglected Swimming Pool

29 August 2014
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Swimming pools add value to and increase the fun factor of your home exponentially. It's no secret that they also require a lot of maintenance in order to be functional and safe. If you're curious what your pool would experience in a year of being neglected and misused, read on. It may just give you a new found appreciation for everything your pool goes through, and motivate you to better care for it. Read More