Add A Hummingbird Haven To Your Property

14 May 2020
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If you live in a region that provides a suitable habitat for hummingbirds and you have been contemplating a way to lure these fascinating creatures into your yard, a mix of flowering plants and ant-proof feeders will assist with your goal. Hummingbirds seek nectar and sugary substances to provide them with the sustenance necessary to survive.  Familiarize Yourself With The Basics Hummingbirds have long, narrow beaks that can reach far into flowering blooms that are tubular. Read More 

Wondering What Happens in Concealed Carry License Classes? 3 Essential Things You’ll Learn

20 April 2020
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The opportunity to carry a concealed weapon comes with many potential benefits that include feeling in control of your safety. While you do have the right to carry a firearm, you must also recognize the importance of following the law if you want to make it be concealed. Concealed carry classes are about far more than merely earning your license. Even people who are experienced with handling firearms benefit from learning about these three essential aspects of being a responsible carrier of a firearm. Read More