Essential Tips For Furnishing And Decorating A New Office Space

26 August 2016
 Categories: Business, Articles

When you start a business in a small space but experience rapid growth and a surge in hiring, you are probably dealing with trying to manage your enterprise in cramped quarters. Your success can be hampered by inadequate meeting space, lack of storage and cranky employees who have very little space for their workstations. When you decide to rectify the space issue and move to a large office, you will have to buy more furniture from a company like D&R Office Works Inc. Keep in mind the following tips when you begin shopping for furniture items for your new space.

Visualize and Plan Your Layout

Before you spend a dime, you need to visualize what you want your space to look like and then make a detailed plan of your desired layout. When you do a walk-through of the space before you move in, take notes on the locations of outlets, windows, lighting, and wall colors. You should also take measurements of the room including the size of windows.

These details will help you place workstations and other items in optimal locations where your employees can receive ample natural light. The details will also help you choose the right colors when you select furniture and create a well-planned space that does not feel haphazard and cluttered. Use free software to mock up a layout and print out your floor plans.

Take Into Account Ergonomics

If you or any of your employees suffer from back or neck issues, make sure you purchase items that are ergonomically sound to help them maintain a healthy posture. Comfortable office furniture can also help workers be more productive, happier, and less stressed out during the work day. There are certain features you should look for in ergonomic office furniture.

Chairs should be height adjustable. An adult sitting in the chair should be able to sit with their feet flat on the floor with their arms even to desk height. Purchase chairs with pneumatic adjustment levers instead of static parts. A lever enables people of different heights to adjust the chair to the right level.

The chair should also offer good lumbar support with an inward curve to support the natural shape of the back. The base of the chair should also be stable. Look for chairs with a five-point base and sturdy wheels.

When you choose desks or workstations, make sure anyone sitting at the desk has enough legroom and knee space to stretch out and not feel cramped. There should also be enough surface space for a computer monitor, keyboard, and work materials.

Accessories that you can add to workstations to improve worker comfort include adjustable keyboard trays and monitor stands as well as footrests.

Do Not Forget to Decorate

Another way to create a pleasant environment for workers is to decorate your new office space with art and plants. Many office supply retailers sell framed posters with motivational quotes or prints of famous art pieces.

You can also include signature pieces of furniture in open spaces such as the area and the break room. Look for oversized couches in fun prints or bold colors to help create a relaxing and carefree environment.

Add plants around the office to bring in an outdoor flair and provide aesthetically pleasing focal points. The great thing about plants is that they work well with any color scheme. Decorative plants that work well indoors include African violets, philodendrons and Gerber daisies.

Some plants that do well indoors can also help to improve the indoor air quality such as peace lilies, corn plants, and rubber plants. Large plants are useful for creating a natural separation between open work areas. Ideal tall plants for this purpose include several types of palms, fig trees, and dracaenas.