What You Need To Do To Get Your Coaching Business Off The Ground

26 January 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Do you feel that coaching could be your calling? It can certainly be rewarding to teach others to avoid certain pitfalls that you might have succumbed to in the past. You're dying to use the knowledge you've accumulated over years to make someone else's life better. Turning this dream into a profitable business is a tough road, and you will need every differentiator you can get. Here are some ideas about how to get serious about your coaching business and get it off the ground. 

Find Your Selling Points

Why should people take advice from you as a coach? You may have decades of experience in your area. Or, your path may have been more circuitous. You must believe that you would be a good coach in this field if you're going for it. You might just need some help with finding the right marketing and the best angle to write your story from. As you start out, you will have to gradually figure out what attracts your clients to you. Did you land your first client because of your degree, your experience, your personality, your approach, or something else? Keep working that into your marketing approach, and don't forget to tell your client to bring their likeminded friends. 

Learn to Be a Coach

You can be great at your field and know a lot, but that doesn't always make you a good coach. It takes the right kind of soft skills to transfer your wisdom to another person and make them feel continually supported and inspired by your teachings. You should get some mentoring experience before you embark on your own business path. Coaching is a skill that you will develop over time, but you will want to go in armed with some skills to keep your clients engaged. That leads to the next point...

Get Credentialed

It also helps to get a coaching credential in the books. Coach training programs cover the ethics of interfering with people's personal lives, the methods for being a supportive mentor to someone, the ways to get responses from various kinds of clients, and the best practices for taking a professional approach to your business. If you truly want to be seen as a professional, take ACTP coach training or another, well-regarded coaching program. You can use it as an additional marketing tool to let clients know you are serious about them and about your business. 

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