When The Protection Of Climate-Controlled Storage Might Be The Right Choice For You

10 April 2019
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Climate-controlled storage might cost a little more than a standard storage unit, but you might find the expense worth it, whether you need short-term storage or long-term storage. A storage unit that has climate control keeps the temperature within a certain range, and this controls the humidity in the space at the same time. Most everything will store better in a climate-controlled environment, but deciding if you need one requires thinking about the items you plan to store. Here are reasons to consider a climate-controlled unit.

To Protect Electronic Equipment From Freezing

Consider the lowest possible temperature the items in your storage unit will be exposed to if you're using the unit in the winter months. Then check the manuals for your electronic equipment like TVs and computers to see what the recommended temperature range is for the equipment. While they can probably withstand pretty cold temperatures, extreme bitterly cold weather might be too harsh for them. You may find it better to play it safe and rent a unit that controls the temperature if you need to store sensitive electronic equipment during the winter.

To Protect Expensive Wood Furniture From Climate Swings

While your wood furniture is protected from rain inside a storage unit, the furniture will still experience swings in temperature and humidity. Indoor furniture may not be treated to withstand environmental changes. This could result in cracking or warping of the wood. While this might not happen if your furniture is in storage for the short term, if you have expensive furniture or antique furniture you need to store for many months or a few years, then it will be better protected in a unit that has a stable climate as might be found inside a house rather than outside.

To Keep Fabrics And Documents From Drawing Dampness

If you'll have items in storage during the humid summer months, you may want climate control to keep your documents and fabrics from becoming damp. Dampness could cause mildew to grow on things like boxes of clothing that draw dampness and then can't dry out quickly. Your clothing could take on a musty odor, and your documents and photos could be affected too. Another problem with dampness is that it can attract insects that could further harm the items you have in storage.

To Offer The Best Protection For Expensive Belongings

If you have expensive paintings, rare books, furs, or other belongings that have sentimental value or that would be difficult to replace, then climate-controlled storage is essential. Climate control keeps things from freezing, melting, getting damp, and being exposed to bugs. Some things, like furs and paintings, may need special storage that is kept in a tightly controlled temperature and humidity range. However, if something is safe to store inside your house but you wouldn't store it in an outdoor shed, then a storage unit that has basic climate control could be what you need.

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