Sanitize Your Hands Without Drying Them Out

19 August 2020
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Even with social distancing measures in place across most of the world, more people than ever before are using hand sanitizer to keep their hands as clean and germ-free as possible. Hand sanitizer isn't as simple as it may seem, though. You can find many brands and many formulations, and you may wonder if some ingredients are worth paying a little bit more for. In particular, products that have aloe gel may make you wonder about whether you should spend more for premium ingredients. Here is what you need to know about hand sanitizer and moisturizers.

Why Use Hand Sanitizer

In the days before the pandemic hit, some people criticized the use of hand sanitizer, saying it prevented the immune system from learning about and responding to all of the germs found while living a normal life. Now, however, the use of hand sanitizer is a critical component of public safety. The CDC recommends that everyone use hand sanitizer when they are out and about, especially after visiting someone in a health care setting. As long as your hands are relatively free from dirt or grime, hand sanitizer should be able to kill almost all of the microbes on your hands, preventing you from spreading COVID-19 to others if you picked it up from touching a surface.

Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers

Of all of the hand sanitizer formulations out there, the CDC strongly recommends alcohol-based hand sanitizers. These formulations contain at least 60 percent alcohol, and they are more effective than non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers, which may only reduce the growth of germs. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are known both for their effectiveness and for one of their most significant drawbacks: skin dryness. The alcohol that kills microbes so well also dries out people's skin, and in bad cases, that dryness can lead to cracks in the skin. Not only are these cracks painful, but they can also let germs into the body.

Look For Added Moisturizers

The solution to this problem is to use a moisturizing alcohol-based hand sanitizer. These sanitizers offer the best of both worlds. They still use alcohol as their active ingredient, but they combat its worst side effect with powerful moisturizers. When choosing a moisturizing hand sanitizer, look for one with a natural moisturizer like aloe gel. Some moisturizers may make your hands feel greasy, reducing the effectiveness of the alcohol. Aloe gel hand sanitizer absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving your hands dry and ready for another application of hand sanitizer whenever you need it. This premium ingredient is worth the little bit of extra money it typically costs because it protects your skin without compromising your safety.

To learn more, contact aloe gel hand sanitizer manufacturers in your area.