3 Questions About Using CBD To Improve Vaginal Wellness

30 October 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

When it comes to improving your overall wellness, CBD is definitely trending as more states allow the use of CBD specific products that do not contain THC. While CBD can be eaten as a gummy, digested as an oil, applied as a cream, or even smoked, you may not have thought of using CBD as a vaginal suppository. Here are some unique questions about this type of CBD product.

How Do You Use A CBD Vaginal Suppository? 

As the name implies, a CBD vaginal suppository is inserted inside the body. It is designed to be put in the vagina and left there until the CBD absorbs into the body. Many people insert the vaginal suppository while in a reclined position since it needs to be inserted deep into the vagina for it to work properly. However, it can also be inserted while standing as well. 

CBD suppositories are known to cause fluid to leak from the vagina while it is being used. That is why many people use it at night time while they are sleeping. This will cause the least amount of disruption and still allow you to receive the full benefits of a CBD vaginal suppository.

What Benefits Does A CBD Vaginal Suppository Provide?

One main reason that this form of CBD is used is to treat symptoms due to premenstrual syndrome. CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it an excellent fit for dealing with cramping caused by PMS. CBD can also help alleviate mood swings, give you some relief from headaches, and even just calm you down and give you less anxiety overall.

Are There Negative Side Effects Of Using CBD?

The good thing about using CBD is that it is tolerated quite well by many people, with only a few negative side effects that are quite minor. CBD has been known to make people feel fatigued or drowsy. It is also entirely possible that you do not experience any of the benefits of it, and the CBD vaginal suppository does not feel like it did much at all.

While there has not been much research done in the area of CBD, many people report positive experiences with it improving their overall wellness. Consider giving it a try if you have ailments that you think could experience some relief by using CBD. Reach out to a store in your area that carries relief vaginal CBD suppositories for more information.