3 Times To Have A Foundation Inspection Before Buying A House

8 June 2023
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General home inspections help you decide if a property is worth buying or not. However, you might need additional inspections at this time if you want the extra peace of mind that the house you want to buy doesn't have a significant problem.

In some cases, you should have a foundation inspection. These inspections check the foundations of the property and assess if they have any problems. When is this a good idea?

1. Your Home Inspector Spots Possible Problems

The inspector who runs a general check on the property you want to buy won't do an in-depth foundation check. However, they might spot potential problems in this area. If they do, then they might recommend a specialty foundation inspection.

For example, an inspector might see signs of foundation subsidence during their general check. They might see some cracks on the walls and notice that some doors don't close properly. Or, they might have concerns about foundation problems caused by the roots of large trees in the yard that are too close to the property.

If a home inspector recommends a foundation inspection, then you should follow their advice. It's better to know about these problems before you commit to the purchase.

2. The House Has Had Previous Structural Problems

If the house you want to buy has had structural problems in the past, then a foundation inspection is important. If the person selling the house hasn't had a recent inspection, then you should arrange your own.

For example, if you know that there has a been a recent natural disaster in the area that affected the property, such as an earthquake or flood, then an inspection tells you if the event caused any structural problems. Or, if you know that the property has had subsidence problems in the past, an inspection will tell you if they have been fixed.

You'll find out if the foundations are in good enough shape to make your purchase worthwhile. You won't be caught out by recurring structural problems.

3. You Want to Renovate the House

If you're buying a fixer-upper and have significant renovation plans, then a foundation inspection is vital. If you will make a lot of structural changes, then you need to know whether the property's foundations are in a suitable condition.

If they aren't, you'll have more work to do. Your renovation costs will be higher. You might still choose to buy the property, but you'll have an accurate idea of extra foundational work or costs.

To book a foundation inspection, contact home inspection companies.